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Now What?

Is this a question that has been plaguing you for the past few months or even prior to that? What can I do now to empower my community? What can I do now to empower myself? Now, more than ever people are feeling hopeless and helpless.


However, I have found a remedy, a prescription if you will, for the nauseating feeling that creeps into my throat.

It’s called ‘involvement’.

Involvement doesn’t just mean getting out on the streets and marching, while that always has its place to show presence and importance of a cause, there is also other work to be done.

Now What?  Well, I’ll tell you what now.  Join or help a local group!  Get involved.  Being a part of Sustainable Renton has really helped me these last few months because instead of feeling like all the Jenga pieces won’t keep the structure of humanity standing, I feel that I’m still holding onto one piece and putting it back in.  Instead of hearing about the good work that schools, local charities, and non-profits do every day; be a part of the good work.  Environmental causes, education, the arts, whatever your calling is; go out and find something to be a part of and fight for.


Sustainable Renton is always in the search of volunteers to help carry out our mission to fight for food justice and education on environmental issues. There are literally hundreds of projects that we would like to start or get the help with, but need the human power.

The power of involvement might be the only power left.

Every group and cause has this problem, but we don’t have to live with the problem.  Rather, we can cease the opportunity.

Now is the time to stop saying ‘they’ll’ take care of it.”  Who’s ‘they?’  You are now ‘they’, because we need you.

Now, more than ever, we have to remind ourselves that there still exist good people.

Our today’s, “what now” will only guarantee tomorrow’s what might have been.

If you would like to help Sustainable Renton or sign up to become a volunteer please email us at:


Written by Mary Bakeman, Sustainable Renton Board member

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