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We need YOU!

Sustainable Renton is in a really great position at the moment, with a lot of momentum behind several projects

We have a successful monthly series of film screenings called Meaningful Movies-these are movies that challenge, educate, and enrich us.

Our community farm in NE Renton is really coming to life-seeds are being planted, pathways are being laid, a kid’s sandbox is in place. It is exciting to think of all the possibilities that lay ahead for this project.

And we now have a group working to develop a Renton Food Co-Op. This group sees the need for a local business that would be a focal community point highlighting local, organic, sustainable  food and products.

All of these projects require a lot of hard work from many people. Until now, a core group of individuals has been working diligently to get things rolling. But we are the point now where we need some further assistance in specific areas if we want to see the projects grow and thrive.

If you have experience in any of the following roles (or want to learn with us!), please contact us at to find out more. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Together, we can achieve great things!


Volunteer coordinator. This role would entail recruiting volunteers to help for either the community farm or food co-op projects. Experience with volunteer recruitment with non-profits is preferred, but not required.

Grant-writing coordinator. This role would involve researching possible grants for both the community farm and the food co-op, and then writing grant proposals to be reviewed by the Sustainable Renton board. Experience with grant-writing is highly beneficial, but not required.

Fundraising coordinator. This role would involve working with the Sustainable Renton board to develop fundraising sources to support our projects-these sources could include events, private donors, matching donation programs. Experience with fundraising is preferred, but not required.



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