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Sustainable Renton
Community Farm


Renting a Plot

Located behind Celebration Foursquare Church (11840 148th Ave SE Renton, WA), plots are available for community members to use all year round. The size of each plot is 20′x10′. Renters in good standing can renew the rental annually and we offer affordable rates, payment plans, sliding scales, and paid scholarships.


If interested in renting a plot, please email to be put in contact with our Community Farm Manager. You can visit anytime. Come and hang out with our frogs, bunnies, geese, and deer. It is a paradise on earth.


Work parties are scheduled throughout the year. We are always in need of extra hands to keep up with the constant tasks that need attending. This is a great chance to come and meet the farmers and get your hands dirty. Work parties will be scheduled on our calendar so keep an eye out for new events!

History of the Community Farm

Working with community members and inspired by regional models such as 21 Acres, Marra Farms, Beacon Food Forest, and Seattle Community Farm, Sustainable Renton began in 2012 an ongoing discussion and exploration into the idea of developing a community farm in Renton.

We had our first group planning meeting on this idea in June 2012 and came up with a basic start plan to get rolling. We began doing research, connecting further with the community, and continuing to encourage community members to become involved and share their time, energy, and skills with this project.

As of early April 2013, we began getting ready to break ground for the project, located on land behind Celebration Foursquare Church. Committed to organic principles and practices, we strive to work with nature and reduce the number of synthetic inputs as much as possible.

Thank You’s and Shout Outs

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their valuable support in this project:

  • Celebration Foursquare Church for making their land available and being so wonderful!

  • Steve Randolph for keeping all of the machines working.

  • Judy Holcomb for managing the day-to-day needs of the farm.

  • Laura Sweany for her endless hours of patience and unlimited knowledge.

  • Scott Kreidermacher for his willingness to work hard and keep copious notes.

Lastly, thank you to all of the amazing gardeners supporting a more sustainable future!

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