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Sustainable Talks

Past Projects, Talks, and Activities

Harvest Mayhem:

This is our annual fundraiser held at the farm every year. In the past, we have had speakers that talked about cooperatives, the grassroots movement of the Renton Food Co-Op, and what to do with all of that chard! We hosted a barter fair, a silent auction, a small petting zoo, a cider press, and a stone soup luncheon.

How to plant a p-patch using Permaculture Design:

This workshop was led by Laura Sweany, a local permaculturist and all-around maven of everything green. This provided gardeners with the knowledge to use sustainable gardening techniques that enrich the soil rather than deplete it.

Garden Planning with the Urban Food Warrior:

Caitlin Moore has conducted many workshops with Sustainable Renton over the years. This is one of her most popular workshops. She has also done Seed Saving workshops and has started her own seed company out of Olympia, Wa.

Rummage Sale Fundraiser:

In the Fall of 2011, we collected unwanted goods from community members and held a two-weekend-long rummage sale as a fundraiser for our organization. It was a great way for us to gain exposure, and raise funds.

Seed-Sharing Workshop:

Led by Sustainable Renton board member Lara Randolph, the “Urban Food Warrior” Caitlin Moore, and King County Master Gardener Barb Mandic, attendees were treated to expertise on how to successfully get seeds started, and the methods to do so. Everyone took home starts, and door prizes were given away.

City of Renton — Food Systems & Sustainability:

We led a Call to Action to support the City of Renton’s Planning Commission Docket Item #68. This docket item addressed a sustainable local food system, including bees, chickens, gardens, and grocery stores. The Call to Action successfully involved community members to write the commission and to attend their meetings. The docket item was successfully passed.

Rainwater Harvesting & Cisterns:

Led by Nikola Davidson, owner of Earth Systems NW. Ms. Davidson shared information on how to collect rainwater in cisterns and other devices to use in your garden and home.

To view upcoming workshops, visit our events calendar.

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