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This past Sunday, Sustainable Renton hosted a community meeting on the Big Idea of a community farm in Renton. We really just wanted to see what kind of support and interest there was in this idea to determine if it would have energy to move forward.

While we did not have a huge turnout, the 10 non-board members that came had lots of energy, enthusiasm, and ideas for this project. Everyone wanted to see it happen, and wanted to help to do so.

Some steps that we’ll be taking as we start this journey:

  1. Building “test” gardens in the area as a way to exhibit different methods of designing gardens: raised beds, lasagna-style, wheelchair accesssible, etc. This would also serve to model for potential donors that we are commited to seeing this project happen.

  2. Researching studies done on the positive health and lifestyle benefits of organic food and gardens. The information collected will be used as a tool to help the project gather support and donors.

  3. Start an online forum for discussions around the community farm project. This will allow community members to come together to share ideas and visions for what the farm could look like.

  4. Outreaching to other area farms and organizations for support and ideas on securing land, fundraising, and farming methodology.

The planning group would also like to see us outreach to the various ethnic communities in Renton to engage them in utilizing gardens and a farm to grow produce that is unique to their cultures.

Mmm…fresh produce.

We will be having more community meetings on this project in the future to continue to draw in more ideas, energy, and support.

Imagine it: a farm here in Renton where food could be grown and sourced to serve at local restaurants, to sell at the farmer’s market, where classes could provide education on healthy living for all ages, and a community space where families and organizations could gather for celebrations, for cooking classes, and more.

What an exciting project to be a part of. As this journey evolves, we’ll continue to share what’s happening here on our website and on Facebook.


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